Price: $1000

Mentalism is a beautiful artform, but if you dont work from the inside out, you will never reach your full potential.

Welcome to the "Mind Mastery" Course, a one-on-one learning experience that can transform your life forever!

 As a Psychologist, I will be your facilitator of insights and reflections in which we will use the understandings and concepts from Mentalism in a new and life-changing way. You will be able to TRULY change your life as Mystery Performer and elevate your approaches.

Eight one-hour sessions in which you will learn:

- The "8 Keys of Mind Mastery"
-The Psychology and Philosophy of Mind Mastery
-Everyday practices of Mind Mastery 
-"Tree Model" of Mind Mastery
-How to go beyond happiness and success
-Dialectic dynamic between life and performance
-Multidimensional techniques of Mind Mastery
-The "ONE" concept
-Birreality and Mind Mastery
- The Autopoietic Mind

and MORE!

The mind is powerful, and that is not just a "line" in performance but a truth that we will master during our interactions.

I have NEVER offered this concepts and ideas, this is the ONLY place in which I will share all these notions.

This is not a course in performance  (if you are interested, we offer the Mentalism Course ) but a life-transforming experience that is open now for anyone ready to explore and meet their own inner power. 

You will receive the full recording of each session (Zoom meetings) as well as a LIFETIME opportunity to be in private contact to observe your future learnings and expansions. 


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